In just 2 minutes answer this questionnaire that will help you visualize your quality of life. Consider your habits, expectations, joys, and worries of the past 2 weeks.

Inspired on the WHOQOL-100 scale, created and validated by the World Health Organization

To what extent do you agree with the following affirmations?

A lot
Very much
I sleep enough and the quality of my sleep is good.
I exercise regularly.
My eating habits are healthy and diverse.
The conditions of my home satisfy my needs.
I have access to adequate means of transport.
I am satisfied with my personal relationships.
My financial conditions are enough to satisfy my needs.
I can relax myself and have fun.
I feel that my life has a meaning.
I am satisfied with my job.
I feel optimistic about the future.
I deal well with stress.

Your answers are completely anonymous and will never be shared, being that only the global conclusions of this questionnaire might be used with the goal of promoting a better lifestyle of Sonae MC’s employees.